1Pcs Ustvarjalne Svetlobne Mehki Pliš Blazino 35x40cm Žareče glasbene Zvezde Blazine Led Luči Igrače Darilo Za Otroke Otroci Dekliška

Oznake: otroci igrače, blazine star, pliš, led street igrače, morska deklica lutka blazine, minni dekle igrače, velike žareče blazino, led blazino, led plišastih igrač, star store blazino.

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Ustvarjalne Svetlobne Mehko Polnjene Blazino 35x40cm Žareče Pisane Zvezde Blazine Led Luči, Igrače, Darila Za Otroke, Otroci, Dekleta Lastnosti: Model:Star Velikost:35x40cm, Ročno merjenje, morda 1-2 cm napak.Materail:Plišastih Polnila: PP Bombaž Barva: Modra/Roza/Rumena/Bela/Vijolična kot slike prikazujejo Funkcijo: Žareče in Glasbena Moč:3 x AA baterije(niso vključene) Paket Vsebina 1 x Mehki Pliš Blazino brez trgovini na paket.

  • Dimenzije: 35x40cm
  • barve: Modra/Roza/Bela/Rumena/Vijolična
  • Opozorilo: Baterije niso vključene
  • Tema: Živali & Narave
  • Funkcija: Žareče/Glasba
  • Starostni Razpon: Odrasli
  • Model: Star
  • Višina: 31 cm-50 cm
  • Polnjenje: PP Bombaž

Sdewizx Aries
I give three stars because I thought he's wearing ba music, but no. What it carries is a cable inside that can be connected to the phone to play music, but either you leave your cell phone and cable out, which I don't see fit or useful, Or you run out of cell phone for a while and you put it in, which I don't see either. Regarding the light, another paste is that it has no button on the outside as it appears in the image, you have to take out the battery (you have to put 3 batteries not included, which does specify) and give it to turn it on or off, Which I also don't see appropriate if you're going to have a child or a baby. As for the size, it is bigger than another I have only with light (and with Button out) and the fabric is super soft. It's very pretty, but it's a shame it doesn't have built-in music or an outside button. Maybe it's okay for someone older. Regarding the seller, very well, very kind and attentive. Fast shipping, about two weeks. When I opened the package I was wrapped in a garbage bag, but better that than nothing.

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